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“Wow! ...beautiful!!!” - Faith Evans 10/09/2011


‘Dear Shiri, Be proud, walk tall’ - Rudolph Walker 17/04/2011


‘...Excellent’ - Richard Blackwood 22/04/2011


‘I think its worth more than that, so i’m going to give you this’ Lady Marie Kerr as she writes a cheque for the purchase of signed limited print, The climb series’ 9X20”


‘Loved it!! Full of colour and life!! - Sarah Akrobettoe 17/04/2011


‘Have worked with the Maasai for five years and have been looking for good artwork of them ever since. Finally found it! Your work is awesome! - Max Griffiths. October 2009


‘A truly talented young artist and certainly an inspiration to my own verbal artwork…’ - Aaron Flynn April 2009


‘Your pieces are so impactful and vibrant…’ - Elise England 26/04/2009


‘Your work is amazing! So passionate, vivid and powerful. They paint images of African culture that is a glory to behold!’ - Naa Djaba April 2009


‘Thankyou Shiri, a great range of styles – I like the constant experimentation…’ - James Stallibrass April 2009


'Nurture' is nurturing a middle-aged baby. Art Therapy to a new level. Thank you!' - Dorothea Linder 17/12/2011


'Nurture - The author of this magical picture Shiri Achu has the knowledge of the love to live; she shows us how grateful we are when the mother nature takes care of us. This canvas is a respectful and coloured poem in honour of the God mother. Thanks!' - Veronica Corral 26/11/2011


An amazing description of a fantastically beautiful figure in her finest form. The image is eye-catching and powerful as it displays the protective yet vulnerable nature of motherhood.My eyes kept being drawn back to her. Her eyes are captivating and strong enough to hold my gaze for long moments at a time. The mixture of fabric and paint is wonderful. Truly graceful, modest yet proud – the image showcases the finest of African Art – Inspiring to say the least! - Tochi 28/07/2012


I generally prefer photo-realism, so when ‘indistinct’ images enchant and capture me, that means they are really amazing and special – the art is speaking to my soul, which is usually so hidden behind all the details of everyday reality… the massai warriors especially - Teresa Kelly 06/2012


‘I can recognise your art as beautiful because it makes my heart want to smile’ Samir Malik 08/2012




Shiri Achu has been awarded The Best Artist in Brent by the Brent Council, London, UK

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