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Book / Magazine / Newspaper publications:

  • 'International Contemporary Masters VII' - Published by World Wide Art Books Inc, Shiri Achu Pages 64 and 65.


  • Book 'Important World Artists' - Published by World Wide Art Books Inc, 2013.

  • Amina No480 (April 2010) p28

  • African Vibes, Issue No 16 (September 2011) pages 34 & 35

  • Eden newspaper Wednesday 22 December 2010 'Cameroon is my source of inspiration for me painting'  page3

  • Cameroon tribune newspaper no 9749 5950 37 annee 'Shiri Achu Expose, La rue' Thursday 23 December 2010  page39

  • The Brent Magazine Issue 123 May 2012 p29

  • Lime Magazine – April 2012 Pages 10-11

  • New African Woman. Issue 14, June/July 2012 pages 81-83


TV features:

  • 22/04/09 - BEN TV Sky Channel 184 – 1 hour Live show. Topic of discussion; The relevance of African Art, African art and the West and Shiri Achu Art first solo exhibition ‘The 30th Act’ which was opened in London from 16th of April to 28th of April 2009

  • 09/11/2010 - Equinox TV Cadense Matinale

  • 17/12/2010 - Equinox TV Talking time 6pm

  • 27/04/2013 – Barcelona TV. 8.30pm

Online Interviews:



Signed Limited SHIRIACHUART Prints can now be bought at;

  • Smithsonian Institution in the United States of America (established in 1846 and the world's largest museum and research complex, administered by the United States government). SHIRIACHUART prints can be purchased from the National museum of African Art  / Washington DC.

  • Naprstek Museum of Asian, African and American Cultures, Prague







SHIRIACHUART highlights: 2016

  • 36Inprint:DC

  • 37InPrint:AUS

  • Artomatic 2016 (TOP 10 Artist)

SHIRIACHUART highlights: 2015

  • November: Live painting

Painted Naomi Achu on set of her May 2016 released video music, Walk Away

  • Group Exhibition - Puerto Rico

Group exhibition held at DL Art Gallery; San Juan, Puerto Rico. Month Long, from 19th Nov.


SHIRIACHUART highlights: 2014

  • Exhibition in Warsaw - Shiri Achu Art exhibited 'African Grains' in Warsaw on 2nd of Feb 2014,

  • Exhibition in Chiang Mai Shiri Achu Art invited to exhibit in the beautiful courtyard on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of March

  • 35InPrint:London – The Strand Gallery 19th April – Friday 25th April - 1week long exhibition at The Strand Gallery, 32 John Adam St WC2N 6BP

  • Main guest on the 50th Radio show - AFRICAN COCKTAIL - May 7th 2014 with Ernest Kanjo based in USA
    .3 hours talking about my art, my inspiration for my art, 35InPrint:London  etc

  • Mr Salle John and wife purchase a Shiri Achu Art Print
    (The incredible Cameroonian Makossa musician)  on Saturday 17th May was the Cameroon Festival Community Gala at Royal Garden Hotel. 

  • British actor James Faulkner purchased Shiri Achu Art  - '1.1.11 Baforchu Big Men Celebrate!!' at the reception celebrating the National Day (20th May) of the Republic of Cameroon! - Shiri Achu Art had received a personal invitation from The High Commissioner of Cameroon for this grand celebration.

  • On Saturday 24th for Cameroon May Day Festival in Hackney,  who announced the painting will be exhibited at the exclusive art exhibition before transferred to his chambers.ShiriAchuArt presented  'Ma Africa Pounds' to Mayor of Hackney, Councillor Michael Desmond Top Cameroonian musician Prince Ndedi Eyango, acquired his very own ShiriAchuArt. On Saturday 24th for Cameroon May.

  • Shiri Achu Art exhibited at TedxEuston Salon 2014 - Ripple Effect: Education and the Next Generation ON Saturday 21st June at The British Museum

  • Shiri Achu Art Exhibition; 'The Rhythm of Life' at The Windmill, 57 Cricklewood Broadway, NW2 3JX Thursday July 10th - Tuesday August 5th 2014

  • ShiriAchuArt on the TV.

  • June23rd 2014 - SPOTTED! Shiri Achu Art signed limited edition print 'Maasai tone' in a home in Bogota, Columbia on HG TV in USA.

  • ShiriAchuArt in a Short Film.‘Where Are They From?' by Suki Mok and Liz Chi Yen LiewA series of beautifully-shotfilmic portraits by Suki Mok charting four London-based artists from East Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and India set to a throbbing soundtrack by Liz Liew. The stories behind each journey are explored, life in their hometowns and if their backgrounds have inspired creative work. Featuring guest interviewees: Bhangra pioneer Kuljit Bhamra, novelist/filmmaker Xiaolu Guo, educator/bassist Svetlana Vassileva and Cameroonian-British artist Shiri Achu.Shown;19th July 2014 at Rich Mix London. Cinema and Arts Centre, Shoreditch, London 27th November 2014 at TriSpace Gallery, London

  • ShiriAchuArt selling in a Shop. Revelation. Unit 3, Queens Parade, 1-12 Willesden Lane, London, NW2 5HT Nearest Tube: Willesden Green.


SHIRIACHUART highlights: 2013

  • PoetryArt Launch – Exhibition; Post Valentine Jazz. 15-22nd  February.

More info here;

  • Exhibiting at A Touch of Art! Friday 14th June 7pm Annual Art Exhibition

  • SHIRIACHUART included in 'International Contemporary Masters VII' - Published by World Wide Art Books Inc, Shiri Achu Art features on pages 64 and 65.

  • Shiri Achu Art also selected for Book 'Important World Artists' - Published by World Wide Art Books Inc,2013.

  • SHIRIACHUART exhibits in Las Vegas! A selection of works by some of the artists included in 'International Contemporary Masters VII' (Published by World Wide Art Books) Private view; Sept 21st!!! Opens to the public; Sept 25th - November 23rd. Southern Nevada Museum of Fine Art

  • Invited to exhibit at Credit Suisse, London, For Black History Month! Wednesday 23rd October.

  • Invited to exhibit at Accenture, London, For Black History Month! Thursday 24th October.

  • Omar, British soul singer, songwriter and musician, (recently appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)) acquires SHIRIACHUART and writes,‘…Wonderful authentic art! This will take pride of place at home! X’. 24/10/2013


SHIRIACHUART highlights: 2012

Annual SHIRIACHUART Competition2012! Winner of the 'Rose' print was Eve Walter, chosen by the sweet, beautiful Rose herself.


SHIRIACHUART highlights: 2011


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